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Hi there! My name is Cassandra Frazier. I’ve yo-yo’d with my weight my entire adult life but struggled with it the most after becoming a mom.

Our culture says that a woman’s body goes “downhill” 1) after she has kids and 2) after she turns 40.
Even though I was at a healthy weight and physically active prior to having kids, I began to buy into the supposed “truths” about weight gain. Having two kids back to back is the greatest blessing but it’s also hard work. Coming home to raise my kids was a big adjustment after working in the corporate world for 17 years. My sleep was erratic and my energy & nerves were zapped by mid-afternoon. I relied on coffee drinks to give me energy and mindlessly munched on chocolate covered acai berries, brownies, or kettle corn throughout the day & late at night.
Even though I was a gym rat prior to having kids, I had absolutely no strength nor any desire to exercise. Nada. Zilch. Take a walk with my kids pushing a double stroller? Fuggedaboutit!

My food choices and lack of physical activity began to affect not only my waistline (I was still wearing pull-up maternity pants 4 months after I gave birth) but also affected my energy level, moods, and skin.
I attempted and squandered money on different kinds of fad diets, food plans, supplements and counted calories obsessively. While I may have lost a few pounds here and there, all those efforts made me feel cranky, jittery, and deprived … which often led to late night bingeing. If you tell your brain no, no, no long enough, eventually it’s going to want to do the opposite and say yes, yes, yes …. to those gooey chocolate chip cookies – all 8 of them.


At the beginning of 2014 I was introduced to a healthy, all-natural weight loss system that finally helped me shed 20 pounds of extra weight – in just under 3 months!
It was simple & easy to do and it didn’t involve crazy restrictive meal plans (i.e. no carbs, no grains, no meat, etc) or obsessing about logging my calories
It was a quick fix that helped me to control my hunger, cravings, and food portions . It gave me a basic foundation and structure that jump started me in the right direction without depriving myself of some of my favorite foods.
While a lot of “experts” dispel the idea of “quick fixes” I believe that they are a short term solution for many people and are “crutches” to get you where you need to go. The long term solution is proper food, drink and physical activity.
With 20 pounds off my frame I realized that losing weight and getting healthy after having kids and turning 40 IS possible. In fact, I’m in the best health and weight of my life.
Instead of obsessing about calories and what I can’t eat I now obsess about nutrition, fun fitness (i.e, short, effective, fun workouts), and helping other women look and feel their best at any age.


My #1 job is being a wife and mama to my 2 beautiful boys and my baby girl (due in March!)
In May 2014 my husband, my dear aunt and I started our company Optimal Vitality and Wellness which produces some kick-butt quality supplements to help people get healthier and leaner.
I’m also the author of 2 books “Pound-A-Day Rapid Weight Loss” and “Coconut Oil Cures”.
I’m also currently studying holistic health and nutrition at the world’s largest nutrition school The Institute of Integrative Nutrition.


… That food is healing and so is moving your body, loving relationships, having a profession you love and a spiritual practice that fulfills your soul.
…Age ain’t nothing but a number. You’re never too old, too heavy, or too busy to get to your best health and weight and achieve your dreams.
… In occasional indulgences. I’m a food lover not a health freak. I eat healthy 80% of the time and feel liberated enough to occasionally enjoy French macarons, creamy lasagna and artisan ice cream without worrying about whether it’s going to end up on my hips.


If you’re ready to quit obsessing about foods & calorie counting, and learn simpler, easier ways to start living healthier, leaner, and happier …come join me!

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